Skills & Jobs for the Youth Program

Isabel Students Leadership Adventure (ISLA)

This is a leadership activity organize to provide a forum where the youth of Isabel can develop leadership skills through experiential activities and challenges beyond the corners of the classroom, engage in community service and get to know each other as they become positive change agents in their society.During the two and half day in-camp activity, the participants who are junior high school students from private and public schools in Isabel undergo structured learning activities, physical challenges as well as brainstorming sessions to build and/or improve their leadership and communication skills, self-discipline and self-confidence.  The event is being facilitated by PASAR employee volunteers and staff of the Organizational Development & Training Department together with invited resource persons. The highlight of the activity is a dialogue with an expert invited to discuss a particular field.

Held every year starting 2009, a total of 187 youths from the 7 local high schools have already gone through the youth leadership training.


Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)

            During summer, the company through PFI give students the opportunity to be exposed to the world of work while at the same time earn to help pay for their tuition for the incoming school year. One of these projects is the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES), a partnership project with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). Qualified participants are college students from poor families who will be doing mainly clerical works in the various offices of the company for at least one month. Forty percent of their salary will be  shouldered by DOLE while sixty percent will be by the company. Since its start in 2005, the program has already benefitted more than 200 college students.


In-Plant Training (IPT)

Another project is the In-Plant Traineeship where selected fourth year engineering students from partner colleges and universities in the country are given at least one month work exposure in the different operations of PASAR in line with their engineering courses. Every year, 15 engineering students spend their summer time in PASAR where they can see the practical applications of the theories in school.

On-The-Job Training (OJT)   

Cognizant of the requirement of certain courses for students to go on-the-job training specially on vocational skills, PASAR through PFI organize the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program to give needed work experience to vocational students while at the same time fulfill the requirements for graduation. On the average, some 100 students are participating every year in the annual OJT program spending an average of 300 man-hours each at the plant.

Out-of-school Youth Vocational Skills Training Project (VOSKTRAP)

 Under the vocational skills training project or VOSKTRAP, PFI also invested in out-of-school youths by training them on vocational skills like shielded metal arc welding and pipe fitting so that they will have the opportunity to be gainfully employed, help their families and live productive and better lives. The project is in partnership with the local government of Isabel, the Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Visayas State University. A total of 100 OSY have already graduated from the trainings conducted since 2011. Many of the graduates have worked in PASAR as a project or contractual workers. While some have already gone abroad.