PASAR and Gawad Kalinga Partnership

In 2004, to support the involvement and volunteerism of the many of its managers and employees in building homes for the poor at Gawad Kalinga, PASAR Corporation entered into a partnership with Gawad Kalinga Development Foundation to build 25 houses for the poorest of the poor in the town of Isabel, Leyte. A total of 35 houses were built under the partnership to include the 10 houses sponsored by individual PASAR officers and managers. More than a hundred employees volunteered on weekends during several house build activities under the arrangement. As there are many other poor squatters in need of decent shelter in the area, to continue the initial gains and with the inclusion of the local government of Isabel in the partnership, the agreement was extended for another 5 years to build another 100 houses.  

Started in 2004, the project has already constructed and awarded a total of 119 houses to 119 poor and homeless families as of end of 2014.  Of this total, 80 houses were directly sponsored by Pasar Foundation Inc., PASAR managers and GLENCORE while other houses were supported by the local government of Isabel and other donors. 

After the onslaught of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Pasar Foundation Inc. provided all the corrugated galvanized iron roofing sheets and nails in the repair of the 105 houses damaged by the storm.  

Apart from the houses, Pasar Foundation Inc. also supported the construction of the one story classroom building for SIBOL class and the multi-purpose building of the GK village.